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[EN] 2024 is starting... A few ideas before the year ends

Year is doing +1 in a few hours and after seeing a few messages about it (thanks for sharing) I wanted to share publicly a few ideas (it was supposed to be a private reflection that I'm too lazy to finish 🏁).

Let's get started...

To persue 👀

- This was a hard year to me, although it finished pretty decently, with hope in myself, in my family and a bit on my city, community and the society in general.

- I want to keep married and that involves many personal improvements.

- I want to visit more places for pleasure. I should focus on this. Perhaps living close to the beach, and study English and French.

- I want to feel better, more peaceful. From my side that involves meditating, saying No to people who's stealing that peace, taking care of my health, doing exercise, and so.

- Work isn't my main focus anymore as it was a few years before. Anyway, next year I want to work 'better'. Along with better people, in better projects, and earning more.

- Receiving a 'fair' amount of money for my professional time is a pretty sensitive topic, anyway it should be a focus since in last few years I ignored that and didn't give me good results.

- Learning to work 'alone', that is without needing other people for motivation.

- I've found a few local communities related with Tech, Makers and Dev. I'd like to attend more. And play more board games 🎲.

- Feeling more confortable writing, thinking, socializing and working in English.

To stop doing 🛑

- I'm not so happy of giving lectures in university, perhaps I'd stop doing that for a while.

- Although I wanted to reduce my usage of Social Media, Mobile and Online Reading, I'm still 'addicted' 😵‍💫 of constantly seeing what's new on the Nets. I want to change that. I should enjoy more creating that consuming, as I've wrote before I my blog.

- My wife is trying to eat less meat 🥩 , and I'll jump with her on that. I want to eat less sugar 🍬.

- Some volunteer work I've done doesn't feel as rewarding as I expected. I should switch it.

- Some Open Source projects where I was collaborating don't feel right anymore (some decentralized social network, another messaging app?)

To decide 🤔

- I want to improve my relationships. I should decide with whom. That's a tricky point. I received a few messages in Christmas, and perhaps a few more in New Year's Eve. Are those the only meaningful connections to persue? What relationships of convenience should I keep?

- Working on Board Games and Videogames has been bittersweet. I enjoy a few parts of it but not that much the selling part, which is hard and exhausting (to me). This year I attended a few Conventions, and the competition is fierce, the attention span to your creation is shorter than we expected. And the sad part... We already knew that, but the romantic part of creating entertainment makes us to forget that. Although I've paused doing games in 2023, I'm not sure of doing more in 2024. Perhaps a few hours a month would be enough to keep that spark of curiosity.


So, there are many things that could happen in a long year. Let's talk again in a few months to know what's going on. And I'll be glad to know that you are doing good as well.

Wish you a new and exciting year!



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