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About writing (in sep2021)


After a rush to write daily, now everything is slowing down as I'm back into my normal life, work and routines.

I enjoyed a lot writing every morning for you, random citizen.

Now I'll keep giving my class to college students and talking with my team at work, to satisfy my desire to communicate ideas.

I think I should go back to record my voice and video podcast 'Sembrando Juegos', as I have a lot to say about it.

Also, I expect to keep working on a few Board games that we expect to 'finish' this year.

I hate when some channel/podcast/blog or any content creator stops, well, creating content. But as long as they are creating, I think it's a great life for them, and sometimes we enjoy what they are creating for free or as a paid content. (Remember to support your favourite creators)

I want to keep writing in English as soon as possible, so... see you soon!



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