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Advent of Books 2021: 1dec2021

Based on

Advent of Bloggers 2021, Dec 1st

I got inspired to keep writing daily, a habit I have time trying to acquire, and for many reasons, I abandon it after a few texts. So I'll start recommending some books I've been reading this year.


I've always lacked discipline for my creative side. Not that much for my work and some other duties. We have daily calls, weekly goals, monthly milestones, so perhaps that's why I end without the energy to share my thoughts and create more things.

This year I'm also participating on

Advent of Code 2021

I hope this year I'll be finishing all the challenges :)

Recommendation of today

Mark Manson's Everything is Fucked

Talking about 'self-help', 'happiness', 'wellness' books is tricky, many times those say what you want to read to motivate you. This one was the opposite. It's a depressing book.

Challenges your beliefs (something I like to do often), but in a painful way.

I was on my last vacation visiting a library and found this book. I was reading the previous one, "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck" which connected with some discussions I had with friends and family so I was intrigued. Also, I was facing a lot of decisions related to my life, work and current situation, so this book was a good reference to understand the lack of hope I was feeling at that moment.

It helped me to understand the importance of meaning, purpose, community, control, power, -isms. And more importantly, my place in a world bigger than me, but where I can make a dent.

For me it was the typical, 'I already knew that', but placing everything together made me think about 'what's next' for 2022, and what's going to be that future where algorithms and hardware are becoming the next 'religions', and again, how I, my family, coworkers, and friends are going to be in that 'hopeless' world.



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