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AntennaZINE 2022 Week 1

Hey! It's time for the first week (issue) of AntennaZINE.

Thanks to everyone allowing their posts to be in, and you for reading,

Want to be in?

Read the following:

Introducing AntennaZINE

Give me the current issue, now!

Gemini/HTTP - antenna-2022-w1.epub
Gemini/HTTP - antenna-2022-w1.mobi
IPFS on HTTP - antenna-2022-w1.epub
IPFS on HTTP - antenna-2022-w1.mobi

Atom Feed

I didn't think of having a Feed with next issues, but I think it's cool. Thanks 'sotiris' for the idea!

Since I'm using Smol.pub and I don't know of an easy way to create personalized feeds for a tag or some selected content (besides my whole capsule), I'm looking for options like not using my personal capsule, or creating XML by hand.

Here's a first attempt:

AntennaZINE Atom Feed


See you soon!



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