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AntennaZINE 2022 Week 3

First time reading about AntennaZINE?

I'm working on a FAQ for the project, for now I'll leave you the post introducing the first version of the project. It's a work in progress, so the project is always changing and improving with your comments. Thanks!

Introducing AntennaZINE

Quick announcement

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay on sharing the current issue. It was a complicated week for me, I wasn't feeling in the mood to write about the project. The ezine files were created, but the post was not. It made me think about the importance of having the current issue on time, but not depending on a manual creation, like most ezines.

That takes me to automate the creation of the EPUB/MOBI files, and having them available in the Sunday afternoon, even if I'm busy, traveling or not in the mood. I'll be looking for options for future issues.

Please remember you can create your own EPUB anytime using the Python script, with your selected URLs or with all the content on Antenna. These posts are an easier way to get the files with selected content once a week.

Where are the ezine files for Week 3?

Gemini/HTTP - antenna-2022-w3.epub
Gemini/HTTP - antenna-2022-w3.mobi
IPFS on HTTP - antenna-2022-w3.epub
IPFS on HTTP - antenna-2022-w3.mobi

AntennaZINE Atom Feed



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