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Buying useless stuff

This week I woke up with the desire of buying something I don't really need.

It surprises me how the mind gets engaged with an idea for a while. Being creating stuff, achieving something, visiting a new place.

Usually what happens is that in the moment you have it, you don't 'want' it anymore. It was just a bridge to your next need or desire. The problem, as you can imagine, is when you have a bottomless pit of buying more expensive things every time, and never really satisfying a need for useless things.

This mind bias bothers me, but at the same time I embrace it, as it makes me a human and gives me a burst of novelty. A few years ago I was distracting my stress buying things and eating in fancy places. Now I'm more into fighting consumism, or even go to a minimalistic life, but at the same time I assign 10% of my spare money to buy things I don't need but I wish.

It has been a good relief for those desires.

How do you make it work?



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