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Crafts, Toys and Inventions

When I was a kid I had the opportunity to learn to code in 1st Grade when I was 6.

Moving a turtle, or 'printing' different texts depending on logical decisions was magical for me.

Also, I was dreaming to become an inventor. A book that a friend gave me in a goodbye party (I was moving to another city), was a great inspiration, something like 'Inventions that changed humanity'.

When I was 9 or 12, I was thinking of creating a software company. Inspired by Michael Dell, Bill Gates.

Later, it was about creating games, like Miyamoto did.

Obviously, as a kid, I was watching those influences through the lens of magazines and the incipient Internet by dial-up. Sure, I didn't know what having a company, being an inventor or designer meant.

About 25 years later, now in my mid-30s, this dream is becoming a reality, with all the boring and exciting parts. Being a responsible adult, but without forgetting my inner child, that likes to play, likes to dream, likes to enjoy the moment.



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