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How notifications support “normal work”

I love notifications because I can otherwise very easily get into super unhealthy “check-check-checking” obsessive behavior.

I think we have 2 opposite extremes:

- Being obsessed checking something due to FOMO, every time your mind asks for it

- Being interrupted in any random moment, so you 'have' to stop what you are doing to check the notification

IMO the healthy part would be not being interrupted (so often) and not being obsessed (that much). If we were unable to do that, and had to pick one, I'd choose trying to manage my FOMO, and not being interrupted by external forces, but my own mind.

I know this isn't what works for most people. Even if my phone is most of the time in 'Do not disturb', in silence, with most notifications off and I rarely answer random calls and it's kind of normal for me, I know of some colleagues working in other areas and is expected to receive phone calls at any moment, or must reply some IM as soon as possible.

Perhaps I have the privilege of having attention windows, by asking my relatives, colleges and friends of not expecting an immediate answer from my side.

And I think all that came from being previously addicted to the phone (hours and hours, using it even in romantic dinners), perhaps having some attention-disorder, and being easily distracted by external things.

So, currently I disable almost every notification and practice not to be addicted to dopamine. Will I make it? We'll see



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