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My favourite strange clocks


I've been interested in alternative ways to measure time. I wrote a bit here:

About measuring and communicating time

So, I found in the Web or Gemini a few cool concepts. I'm leaving here some of my favourites, or those that have made me think again about the time.

If you have more, share them with us!

Binary and Hexadecimal watches

There are two models, dividing the day in the same 24 hours and 60 minutes but representing the decimal number in binary, or another dividing the day in 16 bits (65,536 pieces), being every bit about 1.32 seconds.

Web Hex clock - Binary and decimal Clock
Web Binary clock

Decimal or metric clocks

Like with dividing the day in 60 parts, or 65,536, doing that in 10 or 100 hours a day sounds cool. But not that practical. The conversions to the time we use are complicated.

Online Metric clock

Percentage clock

I like this one. Don't worry about hours or minutes. Just how much of the day has passed. It reminds me a little bit of the Sun Position Clock.

Online Percentage clock

ISO Week


Use predictable weeks starting alwaws on Monday and ending on Sunday. It's a format some European companies used, I and found it very practical for cyclic processes.

Reversed Clock

Web Kcolc

A clock going backwards from 24:00 to 0:00... Like how many hours remain in the day. This is scaring, since you think differently about the passage of time.

Colourful Clocks / Season Clock

The concept is cool. Instead of the traditional 'clock', about limited time, exact, mechanical, industrial and such, the idea is to think differently about the concept of time.

The Present (physical clock)
Web Season Clock


Thanks to ~lettuce for sharing the Season clock and inspiring this text

Another year passes on the Season Clock



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