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My take for the Hobbyist Net in 2022

One 'regret' from 2021 was not being more productive. You know, not only working more hours (so wrong), but making more money and achieving more stuff at the end.

Yep, I'm part of that overproductive society. A workaholic in rehab.

Our obsession with productivity is ruining our lives

Sure, I need to buy more expensive stuff (a house for instance), and feeling that my time was worth. But that's not the only goal/desire for my life.

I did something well, enjoying my prefered hobbies. Writing in English, learning new stuff, 'wasting' time reading, playing videogames, spending time with my family, traveling just for the sake of it, and such.

Using these extra hours into something I enjoy (besides working, I do enjoy to work, but I'm workaholic in rehab, remember?).

I previously made the mistake of mixing my hobbies with my work, now I'm trying to have clear divisions, like I'm doing with my family and friends with Work.

So... What with the Hobbyist Net?

It was a really pleasant surprise in 2021. Gemini, Antenna, Tildes, Lobste.rs, Twtxt.net, Texto-Plano, to name a few. The independent creators. Hobbyists in their spare time doing cool stuff. All of them united by some technology, a server, some cool protocol, an open/free movement. Finally the idea of using our free time together, to enjoy it.

I have talked previously about Maslow's Hierarchy. We definitely need Self-actualization and Belonging.

I got to say I've found Belonging here. And for Self-actualization, that's harder, but you reading this text, are part of it.

I think for this year I'll be using a few hours a week enjoying the Hobbyist Net, keep learning, creating, sharing ideas, being hated by them, learning from my mistakes. Doing it again.



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