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[EN] Of text editors and writing posts


Yretek shared Fri, a simple terminal text editor and Open Sourced.

Yretek: Fri, un programa minimalista que puedes hacer tuyo

It looked nice so I tried it for a few minutes. Sadly it didn't work with Powershell, which I use at work, although it does for my laptop where I usually write this log (An old Dell with a decent keyboard and Xubuntu)

I've found hard to write long texts on a terminal. Maybe due to the small font, or the limits on moving the windows. I tried Vim, Helix, Nano, Micro, among other TUI editors, and I always go back to Visual Studio Code. I feel I'm more effective there...

To make log posts I've used Ensō (Enso for friends)

Ensō—write now, edit later.

It's free to use, web based, works on mobile, has a word count, and it's similar to Fri, giving you a .txt file at the end. Allows you to press backspace being not that restrictive, but you can't move the cursor, select text or delete whole words, which allow you to focus more on write than to edit.

Nowadays I write my texts on Telegram. I can sketch a quick idea on mobile or desktop, then edit the message and create a decent draft to upload to smol.pub later.

How do you write your log?



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