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Quick experiment: Antenna to ePub


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Progress toward Offline First


Thoughts on Offline First

I was thinking what would it be a good approach to me for offline consumption of content.

For now, working offline on a computer is not an option. I draft my texts by hand or on the phone, and I use the laptop to check grammar and style, or look for references.

For me, the offline goes well on the phone. I turn on the Airplane mode and I forget about everything for a while. I read a lot of ebooks and I take a pause of online browsing.

So I was thinking, what about creating an ebook version of my Gemini favourite content to read it later?

Creating a prototype

My main source of new posts is Antenna, so for this experiment I used 300 lines of magic Python to read its Atom feed, parsing each post from a week, and putting everything together in a ePub file.


It was a nice exercise to practice basic Python again, understanding the basics of ePub, connecting to Gemini servers, parsing Gemtext, working with absolute and relative links and such.


You can download the epub for the last week here:



I think for personal use is not a problem creating a set of articles on Antenna. The intent is to share them and being read. Distributing the epub file is another matter, since it's a derivated work.

I'm thinking if there should be an opt-in or opt-out for each server.

Is it useful for you?

Share with me if you like it!



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