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Ranting about rants 😠

I don't want to say that much. Gemini this week has been like Facebook and Twitter feeds. A lot of ideas colliding with each other, and fighting for who is right.

I mean, I like to fight with random people as a way to practice diplomacy and to debate as a sport. But I think that's not the right media to do it.

Ranting is good sometimes. Living complaining every day is something I'm trying to avoid (has been hard to me).

I even started writing something as a devil's advocate, but I deleted it. Why posting something that is not going to be well received by any of the parts?

It's easy to start a fire and not that simple to turn it off. And having to fix all the touched egos. Sometimes we are going to build and later to destroy. But...

So I'll allow the waters to calm down, and look for the positive side of it. I still enjoy the good parts of everything many people have created, and that's what I want to remember for the next days.



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