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Re: Do you ever feel stuck in a loop?


Do you ever feel stuck in a loop?

On writing a log on Gemtext

Well, writing in Gemini/Gemtext/Smol.pub has helped me a lot to mix both worlds:

Writing for me, and for a (smol) audience

Reading something fun and interesting, and then creating a reply with my case, has been very refreshing to feel that other humans share similar thoughts and emotions (I'll explain later, keep scrolling/turning pages).

My only concern is avoiding echo chambers and a confirmation bias by doing so, but usually, the opinions are more diverse than similar.

I've been writing and generating content for myself, for my personal leisure and growth, and at the same time making something interesting for other people to know, as a way to have an interesting life to share.

Writing in 2021 - A delayed explanation

And that's the interesting part. Sometimes you just have a boring life, and we don't have to pretend. I enjoy a lot of conversations with friends about stupid topics, the latest random problem at work or with family. The latest videogame we are playing, or the hobby project which is reaching nowhere but we enjoy a lot working on it.

Sadly that's not interesting in the Transparency Society, although that's something that I enjoy on Gemini, finding topics that I didn't even know existed.

It's really different than writing for a Magazine/eZine where you have an audience and need to create 'appealing' content for them. My hobby podcast has been stuck for months since I haven't found the mood to create public content, although I have a lot of random things to say. Giving classes have helped me to share those ideas, although the audience is 10 young students in a really different life moment than me.

About cycles

I have a few notebooks where I try to write a short summary of the month. Mainly filled with emotions and reflections. And I got to the same point. I'm kind of stuck in cycles or loops.

Some cycles are positive (improving your life, perhaps), some others are kind of depressing (realizing you are stuck or repeating the same mistakes). The last 7 years, when I left the corporate world and joined the indie one, has been kind of repetitive. (Indie as in independent/more freedom/more responsibilities lifestyle)

What I mean is, I'm repeating similar traits in my behaviour. Slightly better, but some others are kind of hard to break. Like doing the same mistakes in an 'improved way'.

For example every 'Winter season' I feel similar. With the nostalgia of a year passing by very quickly, and timing to slow down the normal rhythm, putting up with family, 'planning' for the next one, and hoping for the opportunities.

On Achievements

[...] after all, no person's value is measured in achievement and no time is better spent than the one you enjoy.

Well, being an Achiever person (according to Bartle), I'm moving away from being an over-achiever to just doing stuff that matters to me and my family. It's really hard to slow down, but what can I say? We are different people than last year, or even 10 years ago.

Escaping our reality

I've written and thought a lot on it. This morning I heard an interesting analogy. We are like dogs chasing cars, or barking to the door. At the moment the car stops or the door is open, the dogs don't know what to do next.

That's the catch, a lot of people wants to escape from their countries, or even from their planets, from their slaving employment, from the oppressive government (dude, avoid politics here, please). What for?

I feel the pain. Being apathetic or optimistic is the easy way. You can or cannot change stuff. Being in the middle is painful. It sucks... Sometimes we only want the things to happen and to pass by. Aaaaand... That's OK to some extent.

That's a lot of text!

Hey, I always get excited when I read something engaging in the morning and I feel the rush to write (a hopefully positive) reply.

Thanks for sharing your ideas. Always willing to read them.



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