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Re: I Want My Next Phone to Have a Headphone Jack

I Want My Next Phone to Have a Headphone Jack

Ha, I wanted to reply to this post so badly, then yesterday I was using some cheap headphones (similar to the next image), I got stuck while was washing the dishes and they stopped functioning.

What headphones am I using today?

Today I'm using mostly cordless Over-the-ear headphones due to the wave of video calls. They are comfy since I can walk out of my home office to receive some sun. Also, you don't get tangled with random stuff you forget.

Aaaand, I have to say that I loved the first version of Airpods until they stopped functioning due to rain and falls,

The Jabra Speaker

A friend gave an old Bluetooth speaker which works nice.

I was playing music on the laptop speakers, which sucked, so I connected it via Bluetooth and was so painful that it was disconnecting every song. Everything was solved by connecting the embedded short cable.

In the car

Finally, on my car, I like to use Bluetooth since I don't have a messy and maybe dangerous cable disturbing the driving.

On phones with audio output

I would go with having option. I enjoy having devices with the 3.5mm output and also, for some occasions, Bluetooth, as it's another standard (when it works, ha). Not needing to bring a dongle, or deciding between charging and listening to audio.

I know aaaall the reasons to remove a jack, and again, I'd prefer not using those phones.



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