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Re: The Appeal of Online

The Appeal of Online

I agree with these ideas. As humans, we want to connect with people, with their minds and thoughts.

It's a need, my problem is when that need becomes an addiction, like overeating and oversleeping. It's usually a disorder in 'normal' behavior.

In the same way we normalize eating disorders, we are normalizing 'wrong' electronics usage.

Then we would have to define when it's too much online connection

I remember in the 90s, when we got connected by a telephone line (dial-up), reading that using Internet for more than 8 hours a day was an addiction. Even having a dedicated phone line to be online all the time was weird. We didn't have cheap wireless connections.

Small rant

'The' problem is with being overconnected 24/7. Now we have the Smartphone with WiFi and Data, Smartwatches, Smart TVs, WiFi extenders. Smart implies connection, being online.

In the bedroom, we don't have a TV anymore, but I have my phone, so it's the same.

The first thing we do, reaching any place, is asking for the WiFi password. We only visit places with Cellphone coverage.

Not everyone, but it's a trend. Most of the population does.

And I'm guilty too. I work in a remote company, with people working in all time zones. I 'should' be aware of everything that's happening when I wake up and before sleeping.

Pandemic made it worse. With the excuse of not being able to travel and visit real people, we escape to a virtual reality that never sleeps, it's always offering more human connections in the abstraction of a screen.

The phone is our new cigarettes box. Taking it out more than 150 times a day, every 11 minutes (at least for me).

I think I have an addiction, let's see...

6 steps to overcome an addiction

So yes, I'm an addict

I'm trying to reduce my use of technology, and it has been difficult for work, family and personal reasons. At least fooling my brain replacing a phone with an ebook reader. Instead of listening to music on the phone, listening to the radio. Putting some limitations and boundaries between personal, family and work time. Disabling notifications and such. Using the Airplane mode and Do not disturb very often.

My brain wants to consume and to create all the time, and a PC and phone are so convenient. I can start a chat in a few seconds connecting with my friends and relatives. Or learning from random and interesting people. Or even writing this text (which is not so bad, ha).

So, as the 4th step says, I'm trying to create new positive habits with my online connection. I hope it improves, and I wish the same for anyone experiencing this connection.


I don't want to be pessimistic. It has been a difficult year. Yesterday I was chatting with colleagues about difficult working conditions, low income. People doing crazy things. We already know that we are experiencing it.

We need temporary escapes, happy places, hope for the future.

And as we need tasty food and restful sleep, we need healthy human connections.



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