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Re: There are Only Two Timezones

There are Only Two Timezones


I work with timezones all the time (planning schedules and calls for my team and programming software), so it's always interesting for me how other people in the world use time as a concept.

I didn't know about the Universal Greeting Time, it's brilliant!

Good morning means I'm starting my day over here. Good night, I'm leaving for today.

Random rant

I hate when in some podcasts (mostly in Spanish) they say 'Good morning, good afternoon, good night depending on where you are'.

Damn! Just say 'Good day'. We already know where we are and I don't care of your timezone. It's an async content.

And even being a real time communication it's not so important to know what time is there for you.

It's more about, I just arrived or I'm leaving. Some people like to be awake at night, others are more like morning people.

About modern language

I think we take our culture into the online communication, and we have to adapt to English ways obviously, but to a modern Internet English. This is the interesting part for me, how being always connected with people in many other places is transforming our language.

In Spanish we say for historical reasons 'Good days' as an equivalent for Good morning, I don't know why. Good day sounds good enough as a universal greeting. More detail? Good morning and good night sounds great!



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