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Re: Why Do Corporations Have to Grow?


Why Do Corporations Have to Grow?

There are many kinds of corporations. Many definitions. Many businesses, organizations, groups, cooperatives, nations, etc, etc.

There are many oversimplifications for your question I can share, fitting in a Tweet, but looking for actual causes and working on solutions is much more difficult.

I have discussed before about difficult words like 'ownership', like owning your time, your life, other lives, organizations, royalties, and such. I think it's something similar for 'Why do corporations have to grow?'.

Quick ideas about 'isms' and ownership

I agree on a company/corporation growing, being for an instinct of surviving ("if you are not growing you are dying"), or an irrational desire of 'more and more'. We could point out different behaviours, like consumerism, society of fear, the burnout society, to say some ideas.


I've had the same question with business partners... Why do we need to have that many employees? Now that partner has about 200 employees and my org has 5. We think differently. And then we can have another problem of creating billion of dollars with very few people, not creating new employments. (But that's another discussion)

I think behind all that there is a strong fear. To go backwards, to lose what you have. Fear of losing, more than winning. And looking in a sick way for your potential. My main point, that even I discussed in class today, is about the inhuman organization.

On the required size of the companies

I agree, some of the biggest products and services we enjoy were made by huge companies. I mean movies, cars, games, computers... They were made by extremely complicated structures and workflows.

Where do the milk come from?

I asked that question before, I think very few people know how hard is to create something. The amount of power (and money) required to coordinate 100 or 1000+ people to work on the same thing, is overwhelming. Not everything in the 'modern' society could be made without the globalization, in other continents, and with the amazing tools like digital telecommunications. It's a long discussion of getting benefited on the conditions of other countries with disadvantages related to ours.

Also we know that the survival rate for new companies is about 2-5% in 5 years. So those giant companies, growing to stupid sizes are perhaps the more visible 1%. Obviously they want to follow monopolistic treats to maintain the power (something I don't like).

Maybe is not fair, and my rational brain tries to look for an achievable solution and usually I can't find one, at least where I don't get killed by people with more power.



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