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Well Paying Jobs That Don’t Suck

I think of 'not sucking' like 'with bearable problems', and having some minimum amount of meaning.

My wife resigned yesterday after 4 months of being uncomfortable in her recent job, and 1 month of being full time there and freelancing afterwards.

It's frustrating for her the ridiculous salary for the amount of work, and the activities being meaningless. The usual, starting in the lowest position of the chain, not having many growth opportunities, where even the top manager earns a low wage. David Graeber wrote about 'Bullshit jobs', and it's been sad for me seeing friends and family there.

Why she accepted that offer is another interesting topic. Makes me think of the RB paradox. Something felt nice at the start and after a few months or years, the scale is not tipping to where we are aiming for…

Youtube - Why you feel stuck (the RB paradox)

Luckily she's going back to the Nonprofit she resigned of a few months ago. Now there is a decent budget, and she'll have the wage she's expecting. I think that's her 'decent paying job that don't suck' after a few months of discomfort.

In my current stage as an employee, I'm kind of cozy with my job on tech.

In fact it's a calm Friday and I can write instead of being actively stressed, everything is going smoothly. My check is gonna arrive today even if there is no rush.

I know I can earn 2x or 3x in a busiest work, working with international teams. But I face aversion to change, and I'm lazy to look for that 'better paying job sucking equal or less that the current one'. After about 8 years of being freelancer, I appreciate that calm of not being responsible for everything…



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