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Writing in 2021 - A delayed explanation


I had a write flow on blog.eapl.mx using gohugo.io and it was painful. To write, using a code editor (VS Code here) to manage the Markdown templates, storing all the files in a specific computer so I could connect via SSH to my server to run a few commands, so all the Markdown files and images were converted to static HTML files and sync with a server. All that to avoid having a SQL database.

Sure, moving away from Medium into a self-hosted solution it's still a great idea, using open sourced tools instead of a controversial service... But I was missing the convenience that Medium gives. Being able to write in almost any device, use their text editor and inherit its style very quickly. I still believe in the Website manifesto by sheep.horse, but I want to have fun while I'm writing and sharing ideas.

A Website Manifesto

This 2021 someone in the Mexican game dev community invited us to take a look at Gemini, the Hipster protocol between Gopher and HTTP and after a quick research I got the magic and nostalgic feeling of the internet from my childhood, but with the modernity of the current 20s and my current stage of my mid-30s.

Knowing about midnight.pub and smol.pub was the missing link to make it work. I've said that before, the concept is sooo cool. I mean, you can browse it by HTTP, by Gemini or Gopher. You can connect it to your subdomain. The interface is simple and useful. It's even open sourced and you can self host it.

Basically it covers all my expectations for a personal public logging system.

Smol Pub is now free and open source

So after a few days with an idea hovering in my head I decided to replace the old blog with text.eapl.mx

The current writeflow is writing on my phone with a notes app, and then pushing it on a computer (to fix my broken English with Grammarly), and that's it!

I have written so much recently, due to vacations and a personal desire to share many personal thoughts, so if you want a slice of my mind you can read it here. I hope you like it.

I don't expect much feedback about personal thoughts, but I you wish to extend the conversation reach to me by email or any media or IM platform. Good luck and happy writing!



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