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Writing on a plane ✈

I'm currently in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The last time I did that was 6 years ago. (I was missing those long flights and trips of weeks, I have to admit)

Good memories crossing the ocean, in another stage of my life. Visiting my wife in an unknown country, working with friends who now live in a different continent.

I could say it wasn't me who made that trip, since I'm another person now.

Taking the philosophical approach away, it has been a difficult journey, with the Covid regulations, I was too worried about filling papers, tests, and such but it seems everything is fine now.

At the same time, I'm back into the excitement of traveling to a big, but at the same time, reachable smol world. Indeed I plan to write how we could create things from a small city and a team of 10 people to a huge world. But that's a different conversation.

It's incredible how the transmission costs have lowered 'that much'.

You can pay about 8 USD to have an unlimited connection of 64kbs in the middle of the ocean, or 35 for 1 GB at a higher speed. Sure, it's for only a few hours, not the whole month, and maybe you could survive for 10 hours not browsing your favorite social networks (or even reading the updates on Antenna). Besides that, it's cool and scary at the same time, how all the world is hyperconnected due the magic of satellites, fiber, WiFi, and 5G.



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