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Sobre la brevedad de los blogs

After thinking and writing a bit (in Spanish) about blogging, and how to preserve a blog even if a server gets self-destroyed, I remembered an old project (Wow, 3 years already!):

Github - Antenna to ePub

My idea is to convert all the blog entries into a single file, easy to read by most devices. I read a lot in my phone (using Lithium) and my Kindle, so I was thinking again of EPUB, the ebook format.

Perhaps that's interesting to you... Reading this capsule while you are traveling, or just want to keep a snapshot of all I've written.

So, download this file with all the entries of this blog so far:


(I should link to the latest version in the main page... Or even creating an RSS Feed to notify when a new EPUB is available, IDK)

And if the code is useful for anyone (Gemfeed-kinda to EPUB, tested on my capsule in smol.pub), you can find it here:

Github - capsule-to-epub



Get all entries in EPUB format / Todos los textos en un EPUB

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