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Re: Friendly Reminder That Antenna Runs on Submissions

Friendly Reminder That Antenna Runs on Submission

Antenna has become my favourite aggregator in a long time. I've used Google Reader, Reddit, Email mailing lists, RSS in general, FB, Twitter, IM, you name it.

From its cute ASCII art antenna

   \ \ @

to its simplicity as a reader and as a writer. Having to 'push' your content, reminds me when I had to push my text to the editor for publishing. Is a nice feeling as a community of readers and writers.

As I explained in a previous post

Writing in 2021

I like simple things that just work, and Antenna is that for me.

You can read more about it here:

About Antenna

The only thing that I don't like is having to remember the whole URL/URI and depending on Bookmarks (sorry, lazy guy over here), but that's a minor problem for the great, funny and introspective content it, and the writers, offer for a morning with tea.

Thank you ew0k and all writers using Antenna for your humanity behind it.



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